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Our Story

Luxy 13 Hops can be found on a century farm established in 1872 by the Rausch Family.  They, like many other German families, moved into Luxemburg township to start a new life in America using their expertise in farming. One of the main crops grown in Stearns County is corn, but more specifically at that time, Minnesota 13 corn. This variety was created by the University of Minnesota to help cope with the short growing season found in Minnesota.


Back in the early 1900’s farmers of Stearns County were finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. After the first World War, the prices for corn plummeted making it too expensive to maintain their crops. To make matters worse, the 18th Amendment was established, prohibiting the production, transport and sale of alcoholic beverages. The heavily German populated residents of Stearns County were told to do away a vital part of their culture. Beer consumption became an important part of the German culture because during those days it was often safer to drink beer than water.


Reluctant to change, many farmers decided to create moonshine and realized that their corn was much more valuable in liquid form. They began to brew and sell shine as a way to save their family’s farms and did so illegally until prohibition ended in 1933. Distilleries could be found in sheds, cellars and barns on farms all over the county. Stearns County became a hotbed for moonshine because the high quality ingredients for making white whiskey were found here. The county is also littered with natural springs and grew one of the best corn varieties for whiskey, Minnesota 13.  


When we decided to venture into growing hops it was important for us to relate it to the story of Stearns County. We are proud of our heritage and want to share it not only with the community but with everyone who is interested. As mentioned earlier the Luxy 13 hopyard is located within the Luxemburg township. It just so happens that the Luxemburg township had the highest voting ratio in the county in favor of abolishing the 18th amendment of the United States thus ending prohibition, with a vote of 8 to 133.  


We strive on growing the perfect ingredients for beer just like how the farmers of old had the perfect ingredients for their shine. We feel that Luxy 13 is the ideal name to help connect us to the wild events that occurred during the prohibition years.

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